Go Forward


I already had a plan for my next post, but at church on Sunday, we turned to a familiar passage in Exodus that I had highlighted a year before. It was Exodus 14:13 – 15. “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today….The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace…Why do you cry to Me?…..Go Forward.”

The children of Israel were backed up to the Red Sea. They could see the Egyptians coming after them. They were cornered, between a rock and a hard place. Or more like between a deep sea, and a powerful Egyptian army. As soon as I saw the highlighted verses, a flood of memories came over me about my Red Sea.

I have coached football and basketball for awhile, but my main income has always come from doing computer work. My IT contract ended the year before and I was having trouble finding work. I firmly believe I didn’t find more IT work, cause that is not what I am supposed to be doing. We were completely out of money and were totally relying on God to provide food and pay bills (which He did!) One big bill was our rent payment, our landlord was great and worked with us. But we knew we were living in a house we could not afford. We worked out an agreement to be out of our house by Aug 1st. The problem was we had no place to move to. We had no money to pay the first months rent or even a security deposit. It felt like we were up against our Red Sea and the Egyptian army was closing fast.

During this time, God gave me two messages. The first was a video that talked about an old message titled “Right Song, Wrong Side.” After Israel crossed the Red Sea, they sang a song about Salvation of the Lord. Israel should have sang that song before the Red Sea was parted, not after they crossed. I was determined to sing God’s praises before cause I knew he would part our Red Sea. I then came upon Exodus 14 about a week before August 1st. Even though we were praying relentlessly about our job and living situation, we were not preparing ourselves to move. “Why do you cry to me?..Go Forward” felt like a personal message directly to me! In today’s words, I was reading, “I got this, Do what you need to do.” I got up, informed the family that I was not sure where we were going, but we needed to be packed and ready to move.

The Thursday before we had to be out, I was looking online for centers or services that could help us. I was making calls, sending emails but all told me that they couldn’t help till we were officially homeless. I needed to get back with them on Monday. While searching, I saw an ad for Catholic Charities. I went to their website and it suggested to go to their offices instead of calling. I figured they would tell me the same thing, but I got up and went to their location. They asked if I had ever served in the military, I told them I had. A very nice lady from their Veteran Affairs department came out and talked to me. I explained our situation and her first question to me was, “How are you not freaking out?” I chuckled and told her, “I just feel a peace that God is going to provide and take care of us.” She smiled and told me, “Well, God has led you to the right place”. She started listing all that they were going to do for my family. They supplied us with a moving truck, a large storage facility for all our stuff, and put my family in a hotel. She told me they would pay my deposit and rent till we got back on our feet. They would pay all our deposits on all our utilities and any thing that was needed to get us in a house. Now, I am not a guy who cries easily, but I couldn’t help myself as she was listing all this out. This was by far, more than we could have ever hoped for. I could barely get all this out when I called my wife as I left the building.

God brought us through that situation, just like he parted the Red Sea and had Israel cross over on dry land. The whole time, I just knew He was going to. I didn’t know how God was going to do it. But I knew He was. I can honestly say, I have never felt such peace through a crisis as I did with this. People who knew what was going on, couldn’t believe how calm my wife and I were about it. Everyone told us how they would be freaking out. It also didn’t take long for God to provide a house and the right job that still allowed me to coach. I used to have so much anxiety about my career, money, and all the things we fret over these days. But I now know that worrying is pointless. The words “Fear Not” are in the Bible more than 365 times. So you could read a different verse to “Fear Not” every day of the year. So remember, when you are up against your Red Sea, Remember who is in control! There is such a peace when you do.

Commit, Surrender and Trust!

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