It’s going to suck

“It’s going to suck so be glad that no one will read it” was a statement I remember most from my call with Joshua Medcalf yesterday. He is the founder of Train to be Clutch and author of several books, the latest being Pound the Stone. I told him I was wanting to start a blog, but I have been struggling with creating my first post and trying to make it as perfect as I could. I’ve thought about the name, the logo, what style to use, etc…  I have been thinking about all my many plans and ideas I have for it. But, I wasn’t writing, which is what the whole point of a blog is in the first place. He told me it doesn’t matter if it sucks, it just matters that I start. So, here goes.

Commit, Surrender, and Trust – I remember when I first read those words from a quote in Chop Wood, Carry Water by Medcalf. They resonated with me. I got up out of bed to write them down. Commit to it, Surrender the outcome, and Trust in the process. I decided to name the blog with the first letters of those three words. They also have great meaning when it comes to a relationship with God. Commit your life to Him, Surrender your life to Him, And Trust Him in ALL things! It took me forty years to learn that but I am so glad I did. I used to worry about so many things: my job, money, and where I wanted to get to in life. But now, I have turned it all over to God and my life is soooooo much better for it.

I want to write about those three words a little more. First, Commit. Joshua made me commit to him yesterday that I would make my first post today, then on Mondays and Thursdays from now on. So, as you see it in writing here, I have committed to it. To commit is to fully dedicate yourself to something. To go ALL IN! What have you fully gone all in on before? Honestly, and sadly, I have struggled with fully committing to things in the past. As I live my life now, I want to be a man that fully commits! I’m so thankful that he made me commit to writing this post today. It’s what I needed to do, stop overthinking and just write!

Second is surrendering the outcome. This is something I have been working on in my life for a couple of years now. I tell my kids to do it all the time. Give your best and just surrender the outcome. Don’t worry about the end result, just give your best and the results will take care of themselves. So yesterday, as Joshua is telling me that, it is like someone slapping me in the face, cause I know it! But I wasn’t applying it!

And last, Trust. Trust in the process of making yourself better. Trust in your training. I trust that my 500th blog post will be better than this one cause I am going to work at it and master my craft. Trust that everything that happens to you in your life is in your best interest. Now, that is tough to do. Very tough. But if you feel God is in control, then you must trust in Him in ALL things. Not just when you are employed, or healthy. Proverbs says to Trust the Lord with ALL your heart. So Trust when you are unemployed, when your marriage is on the rocks, or even when you lose a loved one. God will carry you thru it.

I’ve been on a major transformation these last two years. God has been working in my life and showing me the right way to live. I believe God has used the works of men like Joshua Medcalf, Jamie Gilbert, Mark Batterson and Jon Gordon to help change my life. Besides reading the Bible, I highly encourage you to find their books and materials. Joshua told me yesterday, there are many that he won’t be able to reach that maybe I will. So that is why I have started this blog. Maybe someday down the road, my bog posts won’t suck anymore and maybe I will be able to reach someone like they reached me.



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