The Greatest Teacher, Failure is!

What a great line from Yoda in The Last Jedi. I hope it is not too much of a spoiler for you, that Yoda made an appearance in the latest Star Wars movie. I immediately wanted to use it right after it ended, but my kids said I needed to wait till after the weekend. And I am glad I did because I kept hearing this message about failure over and over. It is like I was supposed to get this engrained in my head.

One of these instances was Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. One of my older sons love that show. He was watching a commencement speech given by Charlie and told me I needed to watch it. I sat down with him mainly cause I was curious. How could a guy who played one of the dumbest guys on TV, be asked to give a commencement speech? But it was a really great speech (and funny) that encouraged the graduates not to do the safe thing, but take risks. He said “Be willing to fail, let yourself fail, fail in the way and the place you would want to fail. Fail, pick yourself up, and fail again. Because without your struggle, what is your success anyways.” That is a great point, what is success without struggle. If it always came easy, it would get boring. 

I don’t know about you, but I love hearing about successful failures. People who overcame their past failures, learned from them, and became successful. JK Rowling, Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney and Michael Jordan are just some of the most famous ones. They all overcame failures, obstacles, and setbacks to become some of the greatest at their profession. But a key part of their failure is, they learned something along the way. When you fail, make sure you learn from it! Failing isn’t fun. I would much rather succeed. But no one makes every shot, nobody bats a thousand. But it is hard to win if you aren’t swinging or shooting. So, don’t be afraid to fail! Its the greatest teacher. A Jedi Master said so!

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