2 Different Men

As I took the selfie with my wife, I remembered doing the exact same thing, in that same spot, right there with my wife 3 years ago. The man in those pics is physically the same, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually….so different. The man from 3 years ago, was a broken man. A man who had a huge void in his life, and  was trying to fill it anyway he could. That man was fearful for the future, had lost all faith, and was negative about everything. He hated life. Everything and just about everyone had become a burden to him. He couldn’t enjoy all the blessings he had, because they all felt like weights or a prison. A prison that he could not break free from. His nice house – a prison, his nice cars – just big weights. He even felt his wonderful, beautiful family was somehow holding him back.

He was ready to throw it all away to seek happiness. He would not of found it. He would still be searching if it wasn’t for his wonderful wife who fought so hard for him. Honestly, it is hard to believe that she is in either of those pics. Most women would not be. Most women would have left as fast as they could. But she fought. She didn’t want to at first. But God was speaking to her, telling her not to give up on me. Telling her that one day, our marriage would be beautiful and an example of the way marriages should be.

I remember her telling me that. I could not understand it then. I still don’t really know how that man in the first pic became to be the man in the second. I don’t really know how that man, who had given up on life and hated waking up and facing the day became the man who wakes up feeling more blessed each day. Blessed that he has a wife who fought for him! Blessed that he got to spend and enjoy these past three years with his family. Blessed that he gets to coach young athletes and blessed that God has called him to help men that were in his situation.

My wife recently wrote a little about her experience. It’s the post titled Bitter. I encourage everyone to read it. God has given us both a vision. And we have both taken big steps towards that vision. A life without purpose is no life at all. God wants us to be happy. Happy in life and in our marriages. The man and wife in the second pic is proof that it can happen NO MATTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED PREVIOUSLY!

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