All of us have done this, we start something with the best intentions, but then we fall behind. Life sometimes happens to us. We get bombarded with things, we get distracted, we don’t do what we need to be doing. This could be working out, spending time with God, reading good books or even just writing on a blog. I’m obviously talking to myself here. When I started this, I said I was writing to myself. If anyone else reads it, gets something out of it, applies it, then that is a huge plus. I have fallen behind on my writing commitments that I have made to myself. I could go down the list of everything I have going on, but I know we make the time for the things that are important to us. This is football season and I am a football coach, so time is at a premium during the fall. But I still find time to watch football and Curb your Enthusiasm on TV. So I have some time, I just have to make better use of it.

The main message of my blog is to Commit, Surrender the results, and Trust the process. So I have to recommit to writing on this blog. I can not get better if I’m not doing it. I have to make sure this is a bigger priority in my life. Sometimes we need to let go of things that distract us from what we are supposed to be doing. Even if that means not watching as much football. So if you fall behind with something you know you are supposed to be doing, recommit to it.  Make it a higher priority and carve out time to do the things you are supposed to. For me, that is to just keep hitting publish!


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